Try this sweet trick to calm your child

After getting in from school one day my daughter started to get a little bit upset about something; she began to cry and looked very cross.

I know that when she usually gets upset like this, there’s something on her mind.

So, I put my hand on her heart and just held it there.

I looked at her, took a deep breath in and said, ‘I can feel it’, she immediately stopped crying and with a little bit of awe and wonder in her voice she asked me what I could feel.

I told her I could feel the kindest heart in the world (you can add any words here ‘strongest heart’, ‘beautiful heart’, ‘brave heart’ etc. whatever word or phrase will help in that moment).

Her eyes immediately sparkled, her breathing slowed down and her little smile just shone from ear to ear.

It was a moment of deep connection she needed.

Connection, is what most of our children need in those moments; those moments of frustration, tiredness or anger. Not punishment, not threats, not the ‘naughty step’ or demands to just calm down.


My daughter then asked if she could feel my heart, she put her hand on my heart and held it there for a little while, scrunched up her face, shrugged and said…

‘Jumper, I can only feel jumper’.

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  1. That is so beautiful <3 My 4 year old often gets really upset and worked up, I wonder if something like this will work for him, definitely worth a try!

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