Is it just the two of you?

This IS the two of us. My daughter and I.

There is no JUST needed.

A couple of months ago we were on a day out and the lady we were buying our entry tickets off asked, ‘Is it just the two of you?’

I didn’t think much of it at the time and then my daughter asked me why she’d asked us if it was *just* the two of us, did she think a daddy should be with us too? I said that she was probably just checking that no one else was on the way.

Since then I’ve been really aware of how many people say ‘Is it just the two of you?’. The *just* seems to always be emphasised too, as if we’re not complete without someone else. I wondered if I was reading too much into it, so I decided to carry out a little experiment. 

Over the last couple of months I have listened very carefully in restaurants and ticket lines and I have heard couples and friends being asked, ‘Is it the two of you?’ or ‘Is it a table for two?’…there is no *just* in this instance. I’ve also been for meals with friends and been asked, ‘Is it a table for two?’ and if the numbers are higher than two, then it’s, ‘Is it a table for three…etc?’ You get the picture right?

I was also chatting to someone about booking a summer holiday for my daughter and I and received the response, ‘Won’t solitary dinners and long evenings on your own feel a bit tragic?’ 

Firstly, I would be eating dinner WITH my daughter, and secondly, I’m bloody good company, so once my daughter is asleep I’ll be loving life with my own thoughts. 

Anyway, JUST is a tiny, little, insignificant word that implies that whatever follows is insignificant too; a word that minimises anything thereafter.

Please stop asking us if it’s *just* the two of us. It IS the two of us. We are enough as it is.

Please do stop and take a photo for us though, it’s very rare we get one together that’s not a selfie.

Love, us.

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  1. Yep! Have noticed exactly the same.
    And even did the exact same ‘observational research’…
    I was reading your blog with my jaw hanging open, thinking ‘this was me 18 months ago!’

    I would take my 2 boys out…
    “Just the 3 of you is it?” And even worse was the few times when *this* was added… “or will someone else be joining you?”
    I am SO glad my brain’s “polite response filter” was working on those occasions… it meant I didn’t say what was running through my head! “Do you need there to be a Dad here?”
    I also didn’t say the made-up answers I thought of them and since that made me chuckle…
    “My partner will be here in a tick with the rest of our kids… Do you have a table for 12?”
    I have lots of other responses, but my “polite response filter” just came back online…
    P.S. I always offer to take photos for people. Families, singles, couples, friends. Selfies are just never as good…esp with kids!

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