You can be a ‘mess’ and still be a good parent

I’ve seen several news pieces today discussing a Facebook post that went viral. The Facebook post (shared anonymously by Sanctimommy) urges other Mums to ‘try a little harder’ with their appearance at the school gates. It goes on to ask Mums to think about ‘what their husbands might be thinking’ and to ‘take some pride’.

Now, I don’t have a husband (please apply within), but if I did I think he’d just be happy that the children were in school safe and happy.

No one knows what is going on in people’s lives, what happened that morning, or the night before.

We have no idea what it took that parent to get their child to school on time that day. I’d be celebrating that, regardless of what they looked like. Being on time is an achievement in itself some mornings (I know – I’ve had my fair share of late marks!). Some mornings I’d rather spend my time reading with my daughter or preparing her for the day ahead.

I have done the school run with my pyjama top on under my coat on my days off (maybe this is why I don’t have a husband!), I don’t often wear make-up and sometimes I’m in gym wear because I’m going to physio. At no point have I felt like a useless mum. I have actually felt strong because I’m giving myself permission to be imperfect and accepting myself for who I am.

We might sleep in sometimes, forget the book bag, a permission slip or homework, lose our patience with our children…or wear our bra on top of our pyjamas (ok, that last one might just be me!) and that’s ok.

We are the best we can be in every given moment. Everyone is doing the best they can. If you see a parent in their pyjamas or joggers. Who cares? Offer a smile, not judgement. Be kind.

You can be a mess and still be a good parent.

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  1. Bravo Rosie! Not just a superstar at trailblazing summerborn children’s rights but championing all mothers supporting one another. Thank you on both fronts! ❤️

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