How a simple stone could help children with anxiety

Children (and adults) can train their brains to reach for a pebble, stone or crystal when they are suffering from anxiety or feel worried, stressed, angry or upset.

The pebble acts as a positive reminder; a reminder to stop, to breathe or to repeat a certain affirmation.

I always have one in my pocket. I use mine by holding the stone between my index finger and thumb, then gently moving my thumb back and forth across the stone.

The stone acts as an anchor, bringing me back to the moment and reminding me to breathe. This can help stop any anxious thoughts and reduces stress.

I remember standing in a shopping queue once and I started to feel agitated with the people in front of me, they weren’t doing anything wrong, I was just tired and wanted to go home.

I got angrier and angrier and then felt the stone in my pocket. I took it out, held it in my hand and my attention turned to my breath.

Breathing in, breathing out.

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Within a few moments my anger started to settle and I stood in the queue feeling calm and relaxed. My mood changed in an instant.

Just a very small example of how the stone can help.

I’ve used it before presentations, before hospital appointments and in traffic jams.

Our children can use them too.

I usually give all children attending my classes a crystal or a stone. We practice using them, holding them as we practice deep breathing or whilst repeating affirmations, ‘I am calm’, ‘I can do this’, ‘I believe in myself’ etc.

Some children like to link the stone to a particular affirmation. I have one little boy who holds his stone when he gets angry with his sister, he repeats the affirmation ‘I am calm’ over and over again until he actually feels calm. He tells me it works, he hasn’t hit his sister for four weeks!

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Some children use them before tests, at times of transition, when they have sleepovers, medical appointments, presentations, sporting events and at any times of anxiety or upset. My daughter took one to school for a while last year, it really helped her settle.

Carrying a worry stone, or a peace pebble (whatever you want to call it) can help both children and adults.

Give it a try and please let us know how you get on.

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