What do children love most about their school teachers?

It’s the end of the school year, school teachers (and school staff) everywhere are taking a very well deserved break.

As a little thank you, and a token of our appreciation, some lovely children share what they love about their favourite teachers.

‘My teacher is nice and kind, she makes me feel better when I’m upset.’
Isabelle (age 6)

‘My teacher is smiley, patient, praises me, helps me with work and is kind.’
Harry (age 9)

‘My teacher is very helpful & kind because she helps us with our learning.’
Rosie (age 6)

‘I love her because she is kind and always looks after me.’
Zak (age 6)

‘I like her because she has shown me that school is still fun and I can do anything.’
Tobias (age 9)

6 year old inspires this post praising teachers

‘My teacher helps by holding the end of the cello tape when I make models.’
Jonti (age 4)

‘My teacher is so funny and he wants me to improve but is always kind with it. He helps me and always has time for me.‘
Isaac (age 9)

‘Oh I love that she’s kind most of all, she doesn’t shout that much she listens to us. She is 10 out of 10.’
Caleb (age 7)

‘I liked my teacher when she let us eat food and watch a film (Christmas party). I also like her when she lets us play outside and joins in too.’
James (age 7)

“What a teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.” Karl Menninger

‘I like my teacher because she helps me when I’m stuck, like in Maths so I can get better at it.’
Ava (age 6)

‘My teacher helps me when I’m hurting. She gets me a chair and my medicine and gives me a compress when I fall over.
Eliza (age 6)

‘I like my teacher because she helps me when I get something wrong and she likes my stories. She helped me to spell atrocious in my story.’
Ethan (age 7)

‘I like my teacher because she doesn’t shout and she tries to be nice.’
Eilidh (age 6)

’I like my teacher because she helps me with my inhaler and my learning. There’s so many things, it’s hard to remember.’
Ryan (age 8)

‘My teacher helps me believe in my self at all subjects and I will miss her.’
Chloe (age 9)

‘She likes stuff that I like.’
Oscar (age 9)

‘I love my teacher because she’s kind, caring, clever and she loves me.’
Marshall (age 8)

‘My teacher is kind and understanding. She understands me.’
Olivia (age 8)

Have a very well deserved break.

Love children and parents everywhere 🙂

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