Here’s why (I feel) we shouldn’t compare Dominic Cummings to Caroline Flack

Now, this is something I wanted to address (personally and publicly) because I’ve been involved; my face and interview was played outside Dominic’s house, throughout London, in front of Downing Street and on the National news. Because of this (and the nature of my job) I have received some criticism.

I am an avid campaigner for mental health and kindness so I think people have been shocked I’ve jumped on this. Although, I must stress, I personally feel I’ve maintained integrity and kindness throughout.

Many people have been furious (and quite rightly so) that Cumming’s broke lockdown rules (that he helped write) not once, but twice. His story that surrounds those events; including travelling the country with covid symptoms and the trip to Barnard Castle (to test his eye sight!) are highly insulting and simply just outrageous.

There are major differences between Cummings and Caroline. Caroline Flack was a media personality whose personal life was played out in the media, she was hounded for a domestic incident. Her personal life was criticised for years. The treatment she received was relentless and uncalled for. Caroline wasn’t part of the government during a pandemic. He is.

Dominic Cummings is a GOVERNMENT ADVISOR who repeatedly broke lockdown rules while infected with a contagious virus. He told the whole nation what to do and then didn’t do it himself. Asking for accountability and answers from him is not the same as the reporting of Flack’s personal life, which was not related to her job.

Accountability can feel like an attack when you’re not ready to acknowledge how your behaviour harms others.

There are some things I haven’t agreed with (including the huge presence still outside his home) and no one deserves death threats etc. I’ve had death and rape threats this week too, that is not acceptable, not to anyone.

People have asked me if someone parked up outside my house with a massive screen criticising my actions how I’d feel. Well, I’ve never had a big screen outside my house, but I have had the media knocking on my door at 7am in the morning flashing their cameras wanting a story. I know what it’s like to be in every single newspaper, on every single news channel and my choices being debated up and down the country, on more than one occasion.

In this instance, what would I do? If I was Cumming’s I’d have walked outside my front door, faced the screen, publicly apologised for my actions and stepped down from my job. THERE HAS BEEN NO APOLOGY, no remorse at all.

This is a massive insult to everyone who has obeyed lockdown rules; especially to those people who died alone, to those families who have lost loved ones and didn’t get chance to say goodbye, to those families who have experienced covid and had to look after their children on their own, for those families who haven’t left the house in months. I could go on. He’s made many of us feel like fools, he has to be accountable.

This is why everyone is so angry. The whole nation has been affected, the whole nation has made sacrifices when he didn’t. This is why it is not the same as Caroline Flack.

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