6 unique ways to bring in the New Year with Kids

We may not all be the party animals we once were now we have kids in tow, but that certainly doesn’t mean we have to miss out on all the fun. Here’s a list of some calm and mindful ways to bring in the New Year as a family.

Make resolutions as a family

Sit together with a huge piece of paper, some felt tips or paints and write down some family New Year resolutions . Big or small they all count, work together to think of the best ones for you and your family. If it’s something specific, challenge the kids to set a date to have it done by. Put them somewhere everyone can see!

Begin a good news jar

On New Years Day find an empty jar and explain to the children that when ever anything good happens they need to write it down (or draw a picture) and then next year on New Years Eve you can open the jar and read about the amazing year you’ve had.

Give your children the gift of time

On New Years Eve (or Day) present your children with a gift box of time that they can use throughout the year. In the box you will place 12 envelopes (each marked with the 12 months of the year). Inside the envelopes will be an idea for an activity that you can share together at some point during that month. It could be a film night, a walk, a trip to the seaside or a break away. Get planning and have something to look forward to. Your children will thank you for that quality time.

Make a fort

Use blankets, pillows, sheets and whatever you can find to build your very own magical fort. Let your children fill it with all their favourite teddies and snacks. Make it a place for the kids to hang out in and bring in the New Year, with any luck they may even fall asleep in there before Midnight.

Family games night

Dig out your favourite card and board games and have a marathon games night on New Years Eve. If you’re feeling competitive score points for each game won – there could even be some little prizes for the winners. If your kids are anything like mine, you may find these breathing techniques helpful if they lose!

Have no expectations

There is always lots of hype around New Years Eve and sometimes we feel like we have to plan something when we really don’t want to. Keep it simple. Watch a film, share some food and if you want to, put the clocks forward and go to bed before Midnight. It’s your night, spend it how you want to.

Enjoy, and a very happy New Year from us here at Mum in the Moment – may 2020 bring you health, happiness and a sense of order and calm from following our page.

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